Skin Peel

Skin Peel

Skin peeling is an advanced and simple way of exfoliating the dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow, leading to a fresher, more glowing you.

There are several types of chemical peels available. Each one is selected and prescribed specifically according to the desired effect and the extent of skin damage.

Peels have become so simple and easy to perform, that one can get it at the parlor or even at home.

All peels work by gentle application of  a non-toxic chemical solution to remove the unwanted top layer.

The Common Chemical Peels Available are:

Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels(AHA peel)

They are mild AHAs like glycolic acids and lactic acids, using mainly for  treatment of fine wrinkles, areas of dryness, uneven pigmentation and acne

Beta hydroxy acid peels(BHA Peel)

They have more penetrating power, to get deeper into the pore and  used for sebum excretion, acne as well as remove dead skin cells to a certain extent.       eg. Salicylic acid

Jessner’s  peel

This peel  is a combination of 14% resorcinol, 14% salicylic acid, 14% lactic acid and ethanol. More useful for Acne prone skin.

Phenol peel

Phenol is a deep chemical peeling agent, and is rarely been used in Asians

Retinoic acid peel

Deeper Action than BHAs ,  to remove scars as well as wrinkles and pigmentation problems

Trichloroacetic acid peels(TCA Peel)

TCA  peel  is used as an intermediate to deep peeling agent in concentrations ranging from 20-50%

The Main drawback of all these peels available in the market are that, they can just remove the upper layers of the epidermis, and they leave it to heal by its self. After the peeling process the skin is under the same situation, without any supporting stimulants, where it has to regenerate  by suffering from all the existing causes.

Eventually this will lead to more damage, due to over stress on the skin and the effect will come down with each peel, on a long way.

Here, Biotex helps you with the Revolutionary Peel, The Stem Cell Peel.

How Stem Cell Peel Works…

Collagen is produced in the fibroblasts of the human dermisand is essential for healthy, firm skin.

Both the quality andquantity of collagen decrease in ageing skin, often due to theeffect of external factors such as exposure to the sun,especially UVA radiation.

The result of this cross-linking is thatthe skin loses its elasticity.

This causes the skin to age, and one starts to develop fine lines and wrinkles

Stem Cell Peel is a biphasic peel i.e. it consists of two phases, a liquid and a solid phase.

The epidermis is the top most layer of skin. It does not have any blood nor nerve supply.

The epidermal cells originate from dermis.

So a healthy dermis promotes a healthy epidermis.

Stem Cell Peel is a biphasic peel i.e. it consists of two phases, a liquid and a solid phase.

The epidermis is the top most layer of the skin. It does not have any blood nor nerve supply.The epidermal cells originate from the dermis. So a healthy dermis promotes a healthy epidermis.

All peels available in the market just remove layers of the epidermis, leaving it to heal by its self. The Stem Cell Peel however; being a biphasic peel acts by: Liquid phase which lysis the upper layers of the epidermis with the help of epidermal lysing factors.

The second phase i.e. the solid phase, is a cream that contains epidermal growth factors ,VEGFS, growth factors etc, that  are derived from the Malus Domestica stem cells .

When this is applied to the skin apart from helping to neutralize the   solution from the liquid phase, it also promotes growth of new epidermal cells.

The epidermal growth factors VEGFS and other growth factors are instrumental in causing the dermis to become more vascular and thus more healthy. Hence it acts as an effective anti aging peel

Repeated use of the peel causes slight thickening in the dermis thus leading to the reduction in fine lines and fine wrinkles and hence causing its anti aging effect.

Since the peel rejuvenates the dermis and stimulates collagen synthesis,

It can also be used on scars. Especially   atrophic and pigmented scars have been seen to respond well with this peel.

For one to get an optimimun effect, 6-7 peels are recommended, 15-20days apart.

Post peel, one is recommended not to wash the face for six to eight hours, this is to allow the second phase i.e. the solid phase of the peel to work, so as to allow the epidermal growth factors and stem cell extracts to work.